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Jun 9, 2020
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Hey everyone. Here's the enchantment list for factions with a description of each enchant and some more useful info about them!

EnchantmentsDescriptionApplies toGroupMax Level
WardA chance to absorb enemy damage and heal youArmorUnique4
MoltenChance of setting your attacker ablaze.ArmorUnique4
Self DestructWhen close to death, tnt spawns around you to end you and remove your dropped items.ArmorUnique3
CactusInjures your attacker but does not affect your durability.ArmorElite2
StormcallerStrikes lightning on attacking players.ArmorElite4
WitherA chance to give the wither effect.ArmorElite5
HardenedArmor takes less durability damage.ArmorElite3
ReinforcedTake less damage when being hit from behind.ArmorUltimate4
Arrow DeflectPrevents you from being damaged by enemy arrows more often than once every level x 400 milliseconds.ArmorUltimate4
DodgeChance to dodge physical enemy attacks, increased chance if sneaking.ArmorUltimate5
ObsidianshieldGives permanent fire resistance.ArmorUltimate1
MarksmanIncreases damage dealt with bows.ArmorUltimate4
HeavyDecreases damage from enemy bows by 2% per level.ArmorUltimate5
TankDecreases damage from enemy axes by 1.85% per level.ArmorUltimate4
SurpriseChance to teleport behind your opponent and take them by surprise.ArmorLegendary4
ClarityImmune to blindness.ArmorLegendary3
DeathbringerChance to deal double damage.ArmorLegendary3
EnlightenedCan heal hearts while taking damage.ArmorLegendary3
OverloadPermanent increase in hearts.ArmorLegendary3
ArmoredDecreases damage from enemy swords by 1.85% per level.ArmorLegendary4
Soul HardenedUp to 50% chance to block enemy soul trap, armor takes less durability damage. Requires Hardened III to apply.ArmorHeroic3
Reinforced TankDecreases damage from enemy axes by 1.85% per level. Requires Tank IV to apply.ArmorHeroic4
Godly OverloadHeroic Enchantment. A very large permanent increase in hearts. Requires Overload III enchant on item to apply.ArmorHeroic3
Planetary DeathbringerHeroic Enchantment. An increased chance to deal 1.5x damage. Requires Deathbringer III enchant on item to apply.ArmorHeroic3
Divine EnlightenedHeroic Enchantment. High chance of healing lots of HP while taking damage. Requires Enlighted III enchant on item to apply.ArmorHeroic3
Ethereal DodgeIncreased proc rate over normal Dodge, with a small chance to gain Speed V for a few seconds on successful dodge. Requires Dodge V.ArmorHeroic5
Paladin ArmoredNegates 150% more enemy sword damage than normal Armored per level. A chance to be Blessed every time you are struck by an enemy sword. Requires Armored IV.ArmorHeroic4
PhoenixAn attack that would normally kill you will instead heal you to full HP. Can only be activated once every couple minutes. 500 souls per use.ArmorSoul3
ImmortalPassive soul enchant. Prevents your armor from taking durability damage in exchange for souls. 5 souls per use.ArmorSoul4
Mark of the BeastOnce an enemy is afflicted with the mark all incoming damage is increased by 2x for up to 5 secondsArmorMastery6
Soul SiphoneProc'ing on outgoing damage events this enchant siphons souls and durability from enemies in large quantities!.ArmorMastery4
Death PactTake less damage for every 10% of missing HP while also dealing slightly less damage (based on level)ArmorMastery3
ConfusionChance to deal nausea to your victimAxesSimple3
BerserkA chance of strength and mining fatigue.AxesUnique5
RavenousChance to regain hunger whilst in combat.AxesUnique4
ReaperA chance to give your opponent the Wither and Blindness effects while dealing damageAxesElite2
PummelChance to slow nearby enemy players for a short period.AxesElite3
Arrow BreakChance for arrows to bounce off and do no damage to you whenever you are wielding an axe with this enchantment on it.AxesUltimate6
AnnihilateDemolish your opponent's armour quicker!AxesUltimate6
BleedApplies bleed stacks to enemies that decrease their movement speed.AxesUltimate6
HexOnce a target is affected by Hex, a portion of all their outgoing damage is reflected back onto them.AxesLegendary4
BarbarianInflicts more axe damage.AxesLegendary4
BlacksmithChance to heal your most damaged piece of armor by 1-2 durability whenever you hit a player, but when it procs your attack will only deal 50% of the normal damage.AxesLegendary5
DevourMultiplies damage dealt to players with active bleed stacks.AxesLegendary4
InsanityYou swing your axe like a maniac. Multiplies damage against players who are wielding a SWORD at the time they are hit.AxesLegendary8
Bewitched HexOnce a target is affected with Bewitched Hex, a portion of all their outgoing damage is reflected back onto them. Requires Hex IV to apply.AxesHeroic4
Mighty CleaveDeals up to 8 damage in up to a 4 block radius. Requires Cleave VII to apply.AxesHeroic5
Mighty CactusHeroic Enchantment. Injures your attacker but does not affect your durability. Requires Cactus II to apply.AxesHeroic2
Master BlacksmithChance to heal your most damaged piece of armor by 2-3 durability whenever you hit a player, but when it procs your attack will deal between 75%-100% damage. Requires Blacksmith V enchantment on item to apply.AxesHeroic5
Deep BleedHeroic Enchantment. A chance to affect foes with increased slowness and inflict more damage. Requires Bleed VI.AxesHeroic6
RogueActive soul enchant. Deal up to 2.0x damage if hitting your enemy from behindAxesSoul3
Jelly LegsChance to negate fall damage.BootsUltimate3
Anti GravitySuper jump.BootsElite1
Ender WalkerWither and Poison do not injur and have a chance to heal at high levels.BootsUltimate5
MetaphysicalA chance to be immune of Slowness. At max level, you will only be affected approx. 10% of the time.BootsUltimate4
Lava WalkerWalk on Lava.BootsLegendary1
TorrentDeal increased damage while in water.BootsLegendary4
Polymorphic MetaphysicalA chance to be immune of Slowness. At max level, you will only be affected approx. 10% of the time. Requires Metaphysical IV to apply.BootsHeroic4
PoltergeistImmune to Nature's Wrath snare.BootsMastery3
Web WalkerDepth Strider, but for Spider Webs.BootsMastery1
LightningA chance to strike lightning at the opponent.BowsSimple3
ExplosiveExplosive arrows.BowsUnique5
VirusMultiplies all Wither and Poison damage the affected target recieves and has a chance to remove regeneration effects on hit.BowsUnique4
SnareChance to slow and fatigue enemies with projectiles.BowsElite4
VenomA chance of dealing poison.BowsElite3
InfernalExplosive fire effect.BowsElite8
FarcastChance to knockback melee attackers by a couple of blocks when they hit you. The lower your health, the higher the chance to proc.BowsElite3
Arrow LifestealChance to steal health from opponent.BowsUltimate5
Eagle EyeChance to deal 1-4 durability damage to ALL armor pieces of enemy player.BowsUltimate5
HellfireAll arrows shot by you turn into explosive fireballs.BowsUltimate5
ImpaleDeal HUGE amounts of damage to your opponent causing Slowness V for some timeBowsLegendary4
SniperHeadshots with projectile deal up to 3.5x damage.BowsLegendary5
Lethal SniperHeroic Enchantment. Increased headshotchance and multiplied damage up to 4.5x. Requires Sniper V enchant on item to apply.BowsHeroic5
Bidirectional TeleportationHeroic Enchantment. Chance to grapple an enemy towards you, or trap them for 1-2s.BowsHeroic4
TeleblockActive soul enchant. Your bow is enchanted with enderpearl blocking magic damaged players will be unable to use enderpearls for up to 20 seconds and will lose up to 15 enderpearls from their inventory.BowsSoul5
CurseGives strength, slowness and resistance at low hp.ChestplateUnique5
DiminishWhen this effect procs, the next attack dealt to you cannot deal more than the (total amount of damage / 2) you took from the previous attack.ChestplatesLegendary6
Vengeful DiminishEnsures that the next strike against you only deals 50% of the damage inflicted and any extra above that will be returned to the attacker. Requires Diminish VI enchant on item to apply.ChestplatesHeroic6
Chain LifestealA chance to regain health from multiple enemies near you damaged target based on levelChestplatesMastery5
Aquaticgives permanent water breathingHelmetsSimple1
GlowingGives permanent night vision.HelmetsSimple1
ImplantsPassively heals 1 health and restores 1 hunger every few secondsHelmetsUltimate3
Alien ImplantsAutomatically heal 2x the HP of normal Implants at 2x the rate, and at max level all hunger loss is disabled. Requires Implants III.HelmetsHeroic3
EndershiftGives speed/health boost at low hp.Helmets/BootsUnique3
Auto SmeltOres are automatically smelted when mined.PickaxesSimple3
OxygenateRefills oxygen levels when breaking blocks under water.PickaxesSimple1
DetonateChance to break in 3x3 area.PickaxesUltimate3
EtherealGain haste upon killing mobsSwordSimple3
Skill SwipeA chance to steal some of your enemy's EXP every time you damage them.SwordUnique5
InsomniaGives slowness, slow swinging and confusion.SwordsSimple7
FeatherweightA chance to give a burst of haste.SwordsUnique3
BlindA chance of causing blindness when attacking.SwordsElite3
ExecuteDamage buff when your target is at low HP.SwordsElite7
TrapChance to give buffed slowness effect.SwordsElite3
VampireA chance to heal you for up to 3hp a few seconds after you strike.SwordsElite3
GreatswordMultiplies damage against players who are wielding a BOW at the time they are hit.SwordsElite5
AssassinThe closer you are to your enemy, the moredamage you deal (up to 1.25x). However, ifyou are more than 2 blocks away, you will deal LESS damage than normal.SwordsUltimate5
BlockA chance to redirect an attack.SwordsUltimate3
EnrageDeal more damage on low HP.SwordsUltimate3
DisintegrateChance to deal double durability damage to all enemy armor with every attack.SwordsUltimate4
DominateChance to weaken enemy players on hit, causing them to deal less damage.SwordsUltimate4
ArsonistChance to deal more damage whilst on fireSwordsUltimate3
Kill AuraChance to kill multiple monsters in a stack each death event.SwordsLegendary5
Double StrikeA chance to strike twice.SwordsLegendary3
InquisitiveIncreases EXP drops from mobs.SwordsLegendary4
InversionDamage dealt to you has a chance to be blocked and heal you for 1-5 HP.SwordsLegendary4
LifestealA chance to regain health when attacking.SwordsLegendary5
SilenceChance to stop activation of your enemy's custom enchants.SwordsLegendary4
InsanityYou swing your sword like an extreme maniac. Multiplies damage against players who are wielding a SWORD at the time they are hit. Requires Instanity VIII to apply.SwordsHeroic8
Reflective BlockHeroic Enchantment. A chance to greatly or completely negate incoming damage while blocking, and to reflect an incoming attack back on the attacker whether you are blocking or not. Requires Block III to apply.SwordsHeroic3
Master InquisitiveHeroic Enchantment. Massively increases EXP drops from mobs. Requires Inquisitive IV enchant on item to apply.SwordsHeroic4
Titan TrapHeroic Enchantment. A chance to give a longer lasting buffed slowness effect. Requires Trap III to apply.SwordsHeroic3
Demonic LifestealHeals much more HP at a greatly increased rate compared to normal Lifesteal. Requires Lifesteal V.SwordsHeroic5
Shadow AssassinHeroic Enchantment. The closer you are to your enemy, the more damage you deal (up to 1.875x). However, if you are more than 2 blocks away, you will deal LESS damage than normal. Requires Assassin V.SwordsHeroic5
Divine ImmolationActive soul enchant. Your weapons are imbued with divine fire, turning all your physical attacks into Area of Effect spells and igniting divine fire upon all nearby enemies. 75 souls per use.SwordsSoul4
SoulGrindRandom chance to get a souls for killing mobs.SwordsMastery3
RestoreUpon breaking, item has a chance to lose this enchantment and repair half of its durabilityToolsUltimate4
ExperienceChance to get experience from mining.ToolsSimple5
HasteAllows you to swing your tools faster.ToolsSimple3
TelepathyAutomatically places blocks broken by tools in your inventory.ToolsUnique4
FamineA chance to give your opponent the hunger effect.WeaponsUnique4
Ender SlayerIncreases damage dealt to Enderman and Ender dragons.WeaponsElite5
Nether SlayerIncreases damage dealt to Blazes and Zombie Pigmen.WeaponsElite5
ReforgedProtects weapons durability, items will be take longer to break.WeaponsElite10
PickpocketChance to steal in-game money whilst fighting.WeaponsUltimate1
StunChance to slow opponent, make them feel weak, and remove slowness from you.WeaponsLegendary3
RageFor every combo hit you land, you do 0.5 heart damage to your opponent Up to 5 max combo hits.WeaponsLegendary6
Soul TrapActive soul enchant. Your axe is imbued with sealing magic, and has a chance to disable/negate all soul enchantments of your enemies on hit for (level x 4) seconds. 2 souls per second.WeaponsSoul3
SoulboundA chance to keep item on death.Weapons/ToolsHeroic3
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