Hello Asteria Community! We would like to let you know that applications for “Builder” Role are now open! A builder’s task would be to help the staff create builds for the server. Including, but not limited to, event maps, custom parts of the world (Factions and Survival), arenas, etc. Requirements for the Position: - History on the server of at least one month - This is important so that we know that you are dedicated to the server and know the workings of the server and its rules and regulations. - Minimum playtime of 10+ hours per week - As a builder, you are not to distribute Items to players or abuse your privileges. If the listed rules are broken, you will receive punishment depending on the misconduct. - Minimum age to apply is 15 - Must have read through all Asteria Rules and have a general understanding of them. - We ask that you provide pictures of past builds or projects - Must be able to work in a group setting, handling ideas and builds as a whole, and be able to take constructive criticism and guidance. - If chosen, you will be given a build task to show your creativity If you are interested, follow this link to apply! We look forward to hearing from you! Application Link