Builder Applications

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Hello Asteria Community! We would like to let you know that applications for “Builder” Role are now open! A builder’s task would be to help the staff create builds for the server. Including, but not limited to, event maps, custom parts of the world (Factions and Survival), arenas, etc. Requirements for the Position: - History on the server of at least one month - This is important so that we know that you are dedicated to the server and know the workings of the server and its rules and regulations. - Minimum playtime of 10+ hours per week - As a builder, you are not to distribute Items to players or abuse your privileges. If the listed rules are broken, you will receive punishment depending on the misconduct. - Minimum age to apply is 15 - Must have read through all Asteria Rules and have a general understanding of them. - We ask that you provide pictures of past builds or projects - Must be able to work in a group setting, handling ideas and builds as a...

Factions Mass raiding event

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Hey everyone!

We have added some bases around the map to raid (4 bases in total) All of them have loot inside, but one of them as a LOT more loot than the rest:

Here's a list of what you can find inside the better base:

10 Mystic Keys
10 Super Keys
16 KOTH Keys
2 Chat tags
Kit obsidian
5k Uses sellstick
2 Chunk loaders
8 Chunk busters
64 Spawners
and much more....

Happy Raiding !!!

Reopening Factions and Survival

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Hey Everyone!

This Friday December 18th (tomorrow!) Asteria Factions and Survival Server will officially be reopened! We have many new things to check out, as well as some previous favorites. Please look at our Rules page for a refresher and if you have any questions please message a Staff Member on this Forums page or Discord. Our Server Store will also be opened if you'd like to add to your playing experience with a Rank or Some Keys to unlock special items.


- Staff Team

Survival Temporary Closure

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Hi Everyone,

As a lot of you may have noticed, the server numbers have been decreasing in the past few weeks, survival, especially, has been having very little players lately, and factions numbers have also dropped a bit. We really want to keep the server going for everyone to enjoy, which is why we have decided to temporarily shut down survival. This is so we can have all of the players together in 1 server while we work on increasing the player base. We are already in the process of contacting a few youtubers and streamers to promote the server. This survival shut down is only temporary, while we work on increasing the playerbase. Once it re-opens again, everything will be there, all the player data, builds, claims, etc will remain the same (except for the fact that by that time the survival update will have already come out).

Voting Links

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Hey everyone, as announced on the server discord, we will now be doing a top voters program.

The top 3 voters of each month will get rewarded with:
#1 Voter: 1 God Key + 1 Mystic key
#2 Voter: 2 Mystic Keys
#3 Voter: 2 Super Keys

And so it is easier to access the links when you cannot get online, here are our voting links so you can vote from forums:
1. MinecraftServers
2. Minecraft SL
3. PlanetMinecraft
4. MinecraftMP
5. Minecraft Server

Thank you for voting! 😊

Network Downtime (July 31st)

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On July 31st, there will be a network downtime. During this time, we will be making some general improvements, as well as switching hosting providers. Additionally, there will be some global features added to the server, and the factions server will be reset.

Factions Reset!

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Hey everyone! As you probably know, our factions server is due for a reset. This reset will be happening on August 1st and will be full of exciting new updates including, but not limited to: new custom enchants; timed flight; and all new maps, spawn, pvp arena and duels arenas. As you may know, we are no longer going down the competitive factions route but there will still be payouts at the end of the season for the top three factions on /f top.

We can't wait to see you there! ☺

Factions Custom Enchants List

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Hey everyone. Here's the enchantment list for factions with a description of each enchant and some more useful info about them!

EnchantmentsDescriptionApplies toGroupMax Level
WardA chance to absorb enemy damage and heal youArmorUnique4
MoltenChance of setting your attacker ablaze.ArmorUnique4
Self DestructWhen close to death, tnt spawns around you to end you and remove your dropped items.ArmorUnique3
CactusInjures your attacker but does not affect your durability.ArmorElite2
StormcallerStrikes lightning on attacking players.ArmorElite4
WitherA chance to give the wither effect.Armor

Events Week!

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Hey everyone! The events team and I have decided that we’re going to be holding a week of events for you guys, Monday to Sunday. Friday will be a movie marathon on the server discord so make sure you’ve joined that. There will be prizes to be won, more information on those will be given closer to the date.

The events being held are:
- Parkour event/obstacle course
- Hide ‘n’ Seek
- Free for all pvp
- A movie marathon on discord live
- Treasure Hunt
- Hunger games
- Spleef
- Sumo
- 1.16 Speed Run

The movie marathon will begin at 12pm EST, if you have any movie suggestions please send them in the movie-club channel on the server discord.

I hope to see you all there!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Hello everyone!

Staff are often asked the same questions multiple times a day. To make it easier for players, we've compiled a list of questions that are the most frequently asked and created this list for you! If you cannot find your answer here, feel free to message a staff member your question for more help!


What is the IP for AsteriaMC?
The IP is

What are the server/forums rules?
The server rules can be found here. Please ensure that you familiarize yourself with them before playing.

How do I report someone for breaking the rules?
Player reports can be filed here.

How do I report a bug or issue I found on the server?
Bug reports can be filed here.

I’ve been wrongfully banned! What do I do?
If you feel you’ve been wrongfully banned, you can make a ban...

Referral Program

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Hey Everyone, we're starting a referral program on the server. Invite 5 friends (they have to become regular players) and earn $10 store credit. There's no limit for how many people you can invite, so, the more you invite, the more you will earn.

Referral Program.

Staff Application Requirements

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Hi everyone:

Thank you for expressing interest in joining our staff team. We are constantly looking to recruit new staff members, and we believe that each and every individual player is a potential candidate. This thread will go over each of our requirements to join the team, and other key tips you need to know.

Your application is what we first look at when you apply. We look at your detail, your grammar, your length, and how well you answered the questions. Basically, put effort into your application. This means spending more than 5 minutes on an application. When writing your Application, make sure to hit on all the key points that would make us consider you for Moderator.

If your application is accepted, you may be forwarded to an interview process. If so, you will be notified and a date and time will be set up. If you pass the interview, you will be set up with a mentor and put into a trial phase, in which you must log all of the punishments you give. You will be...

Server Rules

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Hey everyone, as you may already know, we strive to be an enjoyable and safe environment for all those in our community. To achieve this, we have formulated specific rules and corresponding punishments that are enforced by our staff team. If you see an individual neglecting any of the following and there are no staff members present, then please submit a player report here: Player Reports

Asteria Rules (Server, Forums and Discord)

Staff punishes under their discretion at times, which means the rule doesn't necessarily have to be documented.

If you are punished, you can appeal it in the Player Appeals section.
Asteria Network Rules.